Gen 0 - My Imitative Little Foray Into Generative Art

Gen 0 - 0

Gen-0 is (for some reason) what I’m calling my latest experiments in generative art. Every once and a while, I remember the work of Natzke and I’m inspired to try my own hand at it.

Gen 0 - 1

The original impetus for creating Gen-0 was to inexpensively obtain original artwork for the hungry, barren walls of my new apartment. Don’t think it’s quite ready for wall hanging yet, but it’s getting there.

Gen 0 - 2

Gen-0 is just a really simplistic particle simulator, which drags a brush along the path of a particle whose properties randomly shift. Colors are picked from a palette image - just a block of pixels whose colors mesh well, and brush size is adjusted according to the speed of the particle (inverse cubic relationship).

Gen 0 - 3

The look and feel of any particular image produced by this program is controlled loosely by adjusting the palette image, the relationships between brush properties, and probabilities of changing different properties.

Gen 0 - 4

You can find the Gen-0 source on GitHub.

Gen 0 - 5